Fairy Garden Crochet-A-Long so far

On Facebook Mad Crochet Scientist started a Crochet-A-Long for a Fairy Garden. As I never had participated in a CAL, I was very excited to do my first one!

The first challenge was “trees”. There were some very nice trees on Mad’s blog: http://madcrochetlab.com/mad-cal-fairy-theme/

My trees and a mushroom I made before:


The second week the theme was “Furniture and Furry Friends”. First there was some meadow to make. I used fluffy and cotton for this, very boring to make 😉 An extra tree was a nice distraction. This one is made in black with sparkling thread, a real fairy tree!

As fan of the movie Labyrinth, I crocheted the Worm (as seen in a previous post), so he could be an extra in the garden as Furry Friend 🙂 I wanted to make a bridge, but then you need a brook… And water comes in the brook through a waterfall…. So, I made a brook and a waterfall and a bridge. But you need to get on the bridge by a path. That became the Yellow Brick Path. And because it’s actually the Troll Bridge, I had to make a Troll, lurking in the dark… His head and right hand are just visible.


These had to go in the container I have reserved for the project, which is meant to be a kind of lamp:



The Worm now has find a new home on and in the tree trunk.

Inspired by the movie Brave in a matter of minutes some will-o’-the-wisps were born:


Here’s the final result, so far, without any fairies, although there are some fairy lights to lure them: