A nice surprise

Today on Facebook I got a very nice surprise. A couple of weeks ago I went to my local yarnstore with some of my creations. They had asked me to do so, because they wanted to photograph them for their blog. They do that a couple of times a year with things their customers have made. I nearly had forgotten all about it 😉 It sure was a nice surprise when today they posted the pictures! As they are on FB too, I suddenly got face to face with my creations.

In the next couple of weeks I will post more about the items, how they were made and with some pics of my own. But, in the meantime, here they are:

Gaston (Guust Flater) Obelix Robot Johnny no 5
From left to right: Gaston (Guust Flater), Obelix and Johnny no 5 (a robot) with his Angry Birds hat. All made for my boyfriend.

Kenny Scottish Raving Rabbid Baby Hedgehog
Again, from left to right: Kenny from Southpark (OMG!), a Raving Rabbid, but a Scottish one and a Baby Hedgehog.

Butterfly Necklace  Goggles - Steampunk
A Butterfly Necklace (although not quite finished) and some Steampunk Goggles.

Have a nice day!