Globally hooked!

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted and I have a couple of new followers since then. A warm welcome to you all! And to my “old” ones I’d like to say: thank you to bear with me!

Here goes:

One of my friends at had the fun idea to have a Global-Yarn-Bomb-A-Long weekend at the end of April. During that weekend I was participating at an event in Antwerp. It had to do with another of my hobbies: RC robots. For the third year a Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror Convention was held in a huge hall of the Antwerp Expo.
That was a nice opportunity to make my yarn-bombing truly international! It started at Saturdaymorning, I was very nervous to put up one of the skulls I had especially made.  I used a pattern by Lionbrand (no. 70464A, the Felted Skull), but added a nasal bone to fill the gap. About 12 were made, in several colours, of scraps of yarn. Because of the different colours I’ve called them my Rainbow Skullz.

The first one was tied to a drain at a neighbouring company of my boyfriend’s, to get used to the idea…


The second one, a yellow/darkblue I tied to the arena where our robots would fight, when it was put up.


And the third, a red one, found a nice spot at a fire-extinguisher.


Sunday afternoon I put up three others: two outside at the parking lot, in a tree and at a container which could use some colour. The third and last was placed at a public lavatory (which made some giggle when they saw the picture).

RS20130428_180620  RS20130428_180340  RS20130428_175716
I stretched the weekend until Monday, because I also had made three “rubber” ducks, or bath-ducks. The pattern can be found at To keep it in style, I made these in different colours too and called them Rainbow Duckz.
The one with the green tufts is called Meducka. The friend who took the initiative for the GYBAL, Kim of KreepyKim’s Freak Boutique had made a Medusa zombie and when I put the tuft on the duckie’s head, I thought it looked like her. Kim has blogged about our weekend: Please pay her a visit, if you haven’t done already. It’s worth it!

Meducka and friendB&WA ducky trio

The ducks all had a bolt tied to the bottom of their body, to keep them from toppling over. I tested them in some tapwater, but on Monday, when the sun was out, they went for a real swim.


I hoped I would at least see one of them on the telly on Tuesday, our Queen’s Day (Koninginnedag). That day our queen, Beatrix, would abdicate and at the same moment her son, Willem-Alexander, would become king, with his wife, Máxima as queen. In an interview Willem-Alexander had stated he wouldn’t like to become Willem IV (which would make him the fourth king to be called Willem, in The Netherlands), because he wasn’t like cows that were called Bertha 38 for example. Of course I had to make such a cow 😉 And the new king and queen with her.

                           B38 1 B38 2 B38 3


WA en M

They would make a boattrip on the river IJ and the water I let the ducks swim free is connected to the IJ. But no ducks were to be seen, alas! Sometimes I look out my window in the hope to see one of them, but no result until now. Just the photographs to share!

Water  Water!

Something else I’d like to share is a pdf with crochet stitches and abbreviations and other terms in several foreign languages translated to Dutch. I’ve put it together from different sources on the interweb and used translation machines:


There is another table with several languages, but not Dutch, to be found here: They have also overviews of hooksizes and fiberinfo. Can be handy! The Treble Making Hookers also have started a knowledge base. My pdf will be linked there, if all goes according to plan.

In the meantime, I hope you have a nice day!!!


16 thoughts on “Globally hooked!

  1. You need to post more often – so many wonderful projects! I loved seeing your yarn bomb placements! And the ducks are so cute! And I don’t know how I missed getting your blog on my blogroll but it’s going there now!

  2. The Rainbow Skullz! Your yarn bombs were brilliant. Of course the toilet one is my favourite 😀 Maybe one day you’ll be standing on a riverbank or on a beach somewhere and one of your ducks will wash up right next to you 😉

    • Thank you so much, Kim! Got you inspired, I’ve seen 😉
      Who knows… Everyday I look out of my window, but still haven’t seen any one of them 😦 Perhaps they have fallen apart by now or some eel has eaten them!

  3. Hello crazy lady 😛
    I love the ducks – especially the black and white ones. I can’t help wondering how long it took to make them all. The red skull is fab too xx

    • Hello dear weird one 🙂
      The ducks don’t take long to make. A couple of hours per duckie. The skulls are easy to, just follow the pattern and keep count 😉 I made just one addition to the skulls: a nose bridge, with a small chain of stitches from upper jaw to the top of the nose hole. It’s just a tiny detail that finishes it imho 🙂

    • Thank you, Alice. I don’t think the king and queen have yarnbombed 😉 The old queen perhaps might have, disguised as an old harmless lady 🙂

  4. I love the skulls – did they get picked up by anyone?
    I also love the statement ‘I won’t be Willem IV because I’m not a cow’. That properly amused me! x

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