Fairy Garden Finished!

At last I’ve found time to post the final pictures of the Fairy Garden of the Crochet-A-Long by Mad Crochet Lab. The photos are made with a camera lend to me by my boyfriend. They’re supposed to be of a better quality than the ones I made with my phone, but not all are… They give you an idea though…

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did by making the garden. It’s still standing on the table, so I can look at it (often).

But…. I can hardly wait for the next CAL! 😉

FG - open door  Perhaps it looks like she’s hanged herself LOL, but she’s sitting on a swing!

FG-fairy  Close up with the will-o’-wisps and the fairy lights in the background

FG-tooth fairy  The tooth-fairy!

FG-troll The troll which lives under the bridge.

Have a nice day!



7 thoughts on “Fairy Garden Finished!

  1. This is wonderful! Your fairy is adorable – such a sweet mouth and face! And so many details! The tooth fairy cracked me up in the little tutu! And I love the fairy lights and will-o’-wisps! Eeeeek – a troll! This was so much fun to see and you have a lovely animated fairy garden! I’m so glad you were a part of the crochet-a-long and thank you so much for sharing your fairy world with the rest of us! ❤

  2. It looks awesome, Ellen! I love looking at all the things you have in there. Your tooth fairy makes me laugh every time I see her!! 😀

    • Thank you, Elzeblaadje 🙂 When your brother is less busy, the snow is gone and we haven’t started another CAL (because I’ll need the container again), I can take it along to visit you. I’d like to see your fairy garden too! And the branches with all the little creatures 🙂

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