My tools

I’d like to tell you about three fantastic tools I use in my crocheting. One is a very handy and simple counter. When I was a little girl, I used to knit with a counter placed on one of the needle. But often forgot to turn it 😉 And it was sometimes difficult to turn, the little wheel got stuck. It was made of very cheap plastic if I remember correctly.

Nowadays the technique to count your rows is in the apps! The one I use on my Android smartphone is called County. The description and picture are as follows:

“Knitting / crochet row counter. Super simple user interface, with a big friendly number to tell you what row you’re on. Tap the screen at the end of a row to count up or down. The phone stays awake while you’re on the counting screen, so you don’t have to keep turning it back on again.”


It does what it says, nothing more, nothing less. And it’s free! There’s also a version you can buy which lets you have more than one project to count and can make a connection to your Ravelry projects. But I’m very happy with this one.

The other tool I use is for keeping track of the beginning of the row. I just use small leftover pieces of yarn 😉 Of course you could use very nice designer thingies or just a safety pin. Its up to you, I like this solution best.

The third tool I’d like to tell you about are my little scissors. I bought it a the local shop where I also get all my yarn from. It’s a butterfly and fairy at the same time. With a very nice sharp point! But the most I like about it, it has a picture on both sides! See for yourselves.


Have a very nice day!


3 thoughts on “My tools

  1. I like to use scrap yarn for my markers too. I used to use bobby pins but I felt like they would stretch the stitch a bit. I love your scissors 🙂 They’re beautiful.

    • Thank you 🙂 It was love at first sight with these scissors, and in one of my favourite colours too!
      With things like bobby pins and safety pins or specially made markers: you never can find them when needed. Whereas scrap yarn….. hehehe

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